Rural housing

Sports and recreational activities
  • Cyclo tourism
  • Climbing
  • Canyoning
  • Trekking
  • Horse mounting
  • Via Verda
Leisure activities
  • Tipical foods
  • Wine DO Terra Alta
Cultural activities
  • Talks
  • Exhibitions
  • Observation of wildlife
What to do
Cyclo tourism
You'll find plenty of tracks where you can make different types of cycling: cycling, mountain bike ...
From Arnes we can reach different places where you can enjoy climbing: Les Moles del Don, Roca Dreta de les Valls, Els Estrets d'Arnes i Els Ports de Besseit among others.
Observation of wildlife
In Els Ports will find mountain goats, otters, serval cats, vultures, golden eagles, Bonelli eagles, goshawks, peregrine pilgrims, Blue Rock Thrush, Orioles, blue picasoques, Mediterranean tortoises, horseshoe snakes, pink dragons, Iberian vipers, green newts, dotted frogs among many other that will delight nature lovers.
Horse mounting
In the village of Crete is the Horse Riding MB, where we do horse riding, riding lessons, guided tours, walking from one to six days and night walks in the area (Toll de Vidre, Toll dels Algars...)
Walks lovers are in luck: from Valletes have at their disposal many walking and hiking trails where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.
Via Verda
The Via Verda is a tourist route that runs along the old railway line of the Val de Zafar between Tortosa and Arnes at a distance of 49 km. the towns of Tortosa, Roquetes, EMD Jesus, Aldover, Xerta, Benifallet, El Pinell de Brai, Prat de Comte, Bot, Horta de Sant Joan and Arnes. You can explore on foot, bicycle and horseback illuminated through several tunnels, aqueducts, old railway stations, bridges and recreation areas.
Wine DO Terra Alta
The specific characteristics of their wines are mainly due to the Mediterranean region and its dominance of traditional grape varieties, recommended by the regulator and majority. The importance of white Grenache and culture to understand their specific production of white wines are made ​​from this grape, which best express the soil and culture OJ "Terra Alta" and deserving of a distinctive guarantee specific the "Terra Alta white Grenache." They produce white, pink, black and up to 4 types of fortified wines (white sweet wine, dark sweet wine, musty and naturally sweet wine).